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Many people find an activity they enjoy, and then they create their own fitness program.In other words, they help employers give discounts (and in some.

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Any member taking advantage of the reimbursement program does so at their own.

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As an Aetna member, you and your eligible family members can receive discounts on Jenny Craig weight-loss programs and products.

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Facility Name Address 1 City State zipcode Contact Person Phone Number E. aetna better health, aetna, fitness, movers and shapers, center, contact list.How to Save Money on Gym Memberships. several national fitness.

Check your member ID card for a fitness symbol or call the customer service number on the back of your.Learn about preventive health reminders and our care management and disease.

Exclusive discounts on memberships at thousands of fitness centers and.

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Be sure to choose a program that is eligible for reimbursement.Cigna health and wellness programs are designed to help individuals live healthier, more secure lives.Fitness Reimbursement Request Form. 1. Only expenses listed on this form are eligible for reimbursement under the Fidelity Fitness Reimbursement Program.

Aetna launched the Aetna Fitness Reimbursement Program that allows Aetna members to get money back for engaging in a range of activities that can help them.


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GlobalFit Rewards is a reimbursement platform that makes it easy to reward participants for becoming more active.Self-directed fitness gives you: Flexibility as to the time and place.

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These programs are available to health care professionals in.Aetna Freedom Plan Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO. many of the special programs available to you as an Aetna plan. appropriate amount of reimbursement for the.